Thank you for joining us and participating in such vital and thought provoking discussions during CHECK OUT, a series of four events held between the 20th - 27th of January, 2018, as part of transmediale/ CTM Vorspiel.

The series explored contemporary authorship and authority, through installations, performances, and workshops addressing Platform Capitalism vs Sharing Economy, Mediation vs Meditation, Self-Checkout vs Obsession and Terror vs Revolution.

Aram Bartholl's installations Your parcel has been delivered (to your neighbour) from collected objects and materials of the contemporary commerce and public space. The elements referred to radical shifts in markets, rising control and a life under the influence of constantly improved algorithms, startup pressure and 'bullshit jobs'. Over the period of the exhibition the installation was rearranged and changed in dialogue with the audience at the exhibition space. Alanna Lawley's participatory installation Saunatorium – a group of sauna steam tents for physical and emotional (de)toxification installed inside the space, invited visitors to experience a healing treatment. With an increasing awareness of the necessity to address the lack of psychological security within our culture, and the impact of our environment on our well being, Lawley investigates the potential of an architecture as an alternative healing modality. Dani Ploeger presented work that emerged from a journey across Europe to examined the recent (re-)militarization of civilian spaces as part of digital culture. A collection of three pieces named Violent Artefacts engaged with ways in which firearms and other means of ‘low-tech’ violence persist amidst contemporary obsessions with data surveillance, cybercrime, and high-tech warfare. Helga Wretman’s participatory performance In-Group Photo borrowed techniques from corporate team building to investigate the construction of group identity. Leading the audience through a sequence of physical and psychological procedures, Helga will forge a new social body. The audio/visual art project French Kiss With Enya by Curver Thoroddsen examined the effect and aura of 90’s ethereal pop icon Enya in popular culture. The project mixes music, visuals and sensory inputs from a selection of Icelandic artists and scholars including members of Sigur Rós.

CHECK OUT was organised and co-authored by Sophia Graefe (Media Culture Scholar, HU Berlin), Anja Henckel and Nadim Samman (Co-Directors, Import Projects).

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Part of transmediale/ CTM Vorspiel