Wed, 23 January 2019, 19:00-21:00
Pyrite Cluster Installation, performative lecture & discussion

Sun, 27 January 2019, 15:00-20:00
Pizzagate: From Rumor to Delusion & Scoring the Tweet(s)
Film screening, discussion & classical music performance

Tues, 29 January 2019, 19:00-21:00
Black Holes Installation, performative lecture & discussion

Fri, 01 February 2019, 19:00-21:00 (HKW Café Stage)
Brain without Organs performative intervention, lectures & discussion

The upcoming event series is a coorperation with transmediale festival 2019.

Scaling Connections explores Deep History and the emphasis on trends and processes rather than individuals and events, paying more attention to interconnection, genealogy and developing traditions. Reaching back to the beginning of life itself, in the original molecular soup, fostering surprising connections.

Among the participants are Julieta Aranda, Joscha Bach, Philipp Busch, Daniel Keller, Ashiq Khondker, Natalie Koerner, Alanna Lawley, Denisa Lehocka, Warren Neidich, Boris Ondreička, Valery Vermeulen, Günter Wächtershäuser a.o.

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Recent Event
01 December, 2018

Program introducing the Study Circles Affective Infrastructures and Uneasy Alliances by Ewa Majewska and Maya Indira Ganesh. The Performance Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View by visual artist Coralie Vogelaar, choreographer Marjolein Vogels, and actress Marina Miller Dessau.

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A cooperation between transmediale, Spektrum and Import Projects. Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.