Brad Troemel: Jogging
Artist Talk | 02 February, 2014
Brad Troemel is an artist and writer living in New York. For his talk he will be discussing Jogging, a project he co-founded in 2009 and presently contributes to with many others through an open submission policy. Over time Jogging has become one of the most influential art Tumblrs on the internet by maintaining a fast paced schedule of irreverent sculpture and digitally altered installation images. After over 5000 of these types of posts in the past year (whoa damn that's a lot of work posted) Jogging's online output changed drastically, switching to a type of imagery reminiscent of diagramatic far-right wing propaganda. This imagery has alienated large portions of Jogging's fan base, delighted some portions of Jogging's fan base, and come to be used in earnest by right wing political groups online. What are these wacky pics? What do they mean? Is Brad secretly a neoliberal or publicly a neoliberal? Has Jogging "lost it" or are these pics "next level"? What is an "accidental" audience when you're intentionally trying to escape the bounds of an art context? Is Josh Citarella even Italian? Why did Brad unfriend me on Facebook when all I wanted was to have an "open dialogue" on one of his zany threads? Now that 70 year old rural Republicans are Jogging's main audience is the project "late career"?

Co-organized with Future Gallery

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