Check Out 3/4 | Part of Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel 2017
Workshop | 7-10pm, 25 January, 2018

For the third installment of Check Out Aram Bartholl will present 'Got a few minutes?', an open workshop format which invites the audience to experiment in a series of actions and micro performances. With different tasks involving a range of contemporary devices and objects the participants execute and invent unique interactions. Consume, control and privacy are some of the core topics which serve as a basis for this examination of the hyper commercial contemporary life.

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Aram Bartholl (DE), Your parcel has been delivered (to your neighbour), installation and performance

For his ongoing installation Aram Bartholl collects different objects and materials of the contemporary commerce and public space to rearrange them at the exhibition space. The elements refer to radical shifts in markets, rising control and a life under the influence of constantly improved algorithms, startup pressure and ‘bullshit jobs’. Over the period of the exhibition the installation is rearranged and changes in dialogue with the audience.

»In recent years, Internet startup market logic has reached far beyond classic online markets. More and more ‘IRL’ economies are being affected by the ‘disruptive’ force of the new business model from California. With the efficiency of networked software, low-wage outsourced labor, and data delivering customers the only goal is growth. The startup doesn’t need to be profi table. In fact, one of the golden rules is not to make a profit, not to pay tax, and to be much cheaper and smarter than everyone else until competitors go bankrupt.

In the beginning, this ‘game’ was played solely within data-based information business. Google and Facebook led the way and showed us how to make money from user data while giving away products for free. Today, we are witness to slow changes in the cityscape. Streets have been crowded with delivery vans for years. Delivery businesses boomed in the wake of ever-increasing online shopping. Order anything! They’ll deliver it to your neighbour immediately. Instant rental cars, gamified Pokemon crowds, and bicycle food delivery armies followed. Very recently, Berlin’s public space has become crowded with at least 20 different brands of rental bikes. New startups, local and international. All of them have the same old idea: “Rent a bicycle where ever you are!” All of them burn a lot of VC (venture capital) money and bikes increase to possibly become the monopoly in this field. Public space is increasingly inhabited by advertising and corporate models. The colorful bikes scattered all over the city are a very visible sign of the outsourcing of the private life and commercialization of public space.

Your parcel has been delivered (to your neighbour) is a performance and ongoing installation that involves rental bikes being retrieved from public space and placed in the private gallery space. Rental bikes in public usually fall over at some point, or get kicked over by pranksters. Nobody cares. All rental bikes collected are laid out—their quasi-natural status—on the floor of the gallery. A PTZ (pan tilt and zoom) CCTV dome camera, typical for surveillance in public, auto-tracks and records the process. Visitors are invited to become a temporary owner of one of the bikes by renting it.«

Aram Bartholl, 2018
Aram Bartholl’s (DE) public interventions and installations often include surprising physical manifestations of the digital world and have been on display at MoMA, Skulptur Projekte Münster, and Hayward Gallery London. (GB) seeks to absorb her environment’s physical terms, creating site-specific architectural constructions that masquerade as photographic collages. Her work is about the personal experience of these fragmented spaces that generate experiences of dismissal, seduction and denial.
Saturday, 20 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 1/4
Discussion, Installations, films, performances by Aram Bartholl (artist), Sophia Graefe (media culture scholar), Anja Henckel (Co-Director Import Projects) and Dani Ploeger (artist)

Tuesday, 23 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 2/4
Lecture performance ‘Schreckschusswaffe’ (blank gun) by Dani Ploeger

Thursday, 25 Jan, 19.00 CHECK OUT 3/4
Workshop 'Got a few minutes?' by Aram Bartholl

Saturday, 27 Jan, 21.00 - midnight CHECK OUT 4/4
'Frenchkiss with Enya', a performance by Curver Thoroddsen and installation & performance 'Saunatorium' by Alanna Lawley, Installations and films by Aram Bartholl and Dani Ploeger