Salon Beta: Guilt
Dinner | 26 October, 2013
The theme of the first dinner is GUILT, and all guests are asked to prepare a brief contribution - a story, reading, anecdote or images to activate discussion. You are encouraged to bring personal experience, yes, but with an deliberate and playful effort to relocate subjectivity towards a wider consciousness of our current moment. Guilt, remorse, complicity: what are the many flavors of guilt?
Anita Iannacchione, Anja Henckel, Anna Saulwick, Beny Wagner, Elisa R. Linn, Elvia Wilk, Hadley + Maxwell, Jay Tan, Lennart Wolff, Max Schreier, Nadim Samman, Samara Chadwick, Samer Karam
Anna Saulwick - Introduction
Samara Chadwick - Graeber’s description of guilt/debt as social exchange
Nadim Samman - Confession of a less-than-lapsed catholic / independant curator."We forget our guilt when we confess it to another, but the other does not usually forget it." - Nietzsche
Jay Tan - 2 short readings: “PS I’m not a cunt” + The Wolf-Man dream as told to Freud.
Beny Wagner - On being the product of guilt: how collective guilts become individual
Samer Karam - A real confession and a beautiful woman
Anja Henckel - Hidden intervention: something you will all experience tonight
Lennart Wolff + Elisa R. Linn - Cybernetics + Cyber-ethics: View video Atomic Cake: View video
Mark Andre Pennock - On not wiping his ass with Africa
Max Schreier - Guilt as a disease: a google panorama
Hadley + Maxwell - 'I really should'
Elvia Wilk - Diary entry, December 2011
Anna Saulwick - the rhetorical force of guilt