Hampus Lindwall: Multitudes
Performance | 8pm, 17 April, 2015
Multitudes’ second movement involves the addition of another piano, activated by a live performance by internationally renowned organist Hampus Lindwall. Further replicating the exponential growth cycle of the algae, this performance incorporates a doubling of active elements – algae, score and stimulus. Playing with biological ebb and flow, emergence and disappearance, both movements amounts to a requiem for biological life cycles, limited resources and mass extinction.

Hampus Lindwall is praised as a performer of the 20th century repertoire and as a creative improviser. He was the last disciple of Rolande Falcinelli and is the Titular Organist in Saint-Esprit, Paris, as was Jeanne Demessieux between 1933 and 1962.

Hampus Lindwall was born (1976) in a musical family in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by his older brother Rasmus Raz Lindwall, co-founder of the group Rob’n’Raz, he began playing the electric guitar at a young age and appeared early as a session musician on numerous recordings. With a growing interest for classical music he started to play the piano and organ in his teens and studied the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Torvald Torén, Anders Bondeman and with pianist Stella Czajkowski.

Hampus Lindwall has recently collaborated with Cory Arcangel on Dances For The Electric Piano with performances at the Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin & the Mumok, Vienna