Imagine: Universal Basic Income
Talk | 7pm, 27 September, 2017
What do possible foundations for a future society look like? The universal basic income has become a viable option. With increasingly automated production processes, this utopia suddenly seems realisable. When the working hours are reduced, when work is not a means to mere survival, we can devote our time to global problems. A universal basic income could not only mean freedom from the constraint of breadwinning, but also the freedom to achieve individual and social goals.

As a think tank of artists, designers, and young researchers we’d like to start a discussion on the topic. Following an invitation by the New York based start up Print All Over Me, we commissioned 15 artists to do a fashion edition.

To launch the collection, we invite four theorists to talk about the basic income. To discuss the topic, there are essays by Nick Srnicek and Viola Nordsieck, which are available on the website Imagine: Universal Basic Income.

Panel (from 7pm)
Ronald Blaschke
Viola Nordsieck
Timo Reuter (

Viola Nordsieck
Nick Srnicek

Goys & Birls, InternetTBD, Nuno Patricio, Angelo Plessas, Katrin Krumm, Nukeme, Luca Pozzi, Print All Over Me (, Katy Roseland, Manuel Roßner, ruiné, Johannes Schroth, Selam-X, Timur Si-Quin, Sucuk & Bratwurst, VeryVeryContemporary, Bruno Mokross.

Float Gallery (
Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (
Internet TBD (
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Goys & Birls
A collective of sensitive agents in a quest for a wanted future. Empowered by pop culture, they dream in full HD, manifest beyond DIN Formats and touch the world through a layer of criticality, using their visual powers to question and form reality. Goys & Birls was born in 2015 in Amsterdam from the love of Monika Gruzite, Juliette Lizotte and Florian Mecklenburg.

Internet TBD -To Be Discussed/Defined/Deleted…- is an attempt to map topics related to the hangover of the internet. This website is a public archive consisting of essays by the authors, comments and external links.

Nuno Patrício
Nuno Patrício (b.1985) Lisbon, Portugal. Cloud-based Artist, Designer, etc.

Angelo Plessas
In his work Angelo Plessas makes internet psychogeography. He names places on the web and makes interactive portraits of his friends or other versions of himself (, 2001, 2010). He makes places where people can meet offline (Monument to Internet Hook-ups, 2009) and he organizes situations with internet friends in remote locations (Eternal Internet Brotherhood 2012-ongoing) and the last Documenta in Kassel.
Brotherhood 2012-ongoing) and the last Documenta in Kassel.

Katrin Krumm
New media designer and visual artist working within branding, illustration and animation. Currently working as brand manager for an industrial manufacturer. Based in Freiburg.

Nukeme is a fashion designer / Artist based in Tokyo

Luca Pozzi
Luca Pozzi (Milan, 1983) is a visual artist and cultural mediator. Graduated with honors degree at the fine art academy of Brera and specialized in 3D graphics and computer systems, since 2009 collaborates with different scientific communities at the forefront at the Albert Einstein Institute of Golm, Berlin; La Faculté de Science de Luminy, Marseilles; the Penn State University, State College and the Perimeter Institute of Waterloo, Ontario. More recently he is interacting with the CMS team of CERN, the Fermi telescope laboratory and the Virgo Experiment.

Kate Roseland
Kate is part of basement6 collective in Shanghai.

Manuel Roßner
Manuel Roßner creates spaces, often but not necessarily intersecting with reality. In 2012 he started Float Gallery, where the classical white cube is extended to the digital realm.

ruiné (Neven Allgeier & Benedikt Fischer) are photographers based in Frankfurt a. M. Their recent work includes projects for Zeit Magazin, DIS Magazin, Spike Art Quaterly.

Selam X is a Creative Studio founded in 2015 by Ceyhun Güney and Sebastian Zimmerhackl in Istanbul. The interdisciplinary Studio is based in Berlin and Hamburg and works at the intersection of Brand Strategy and Communication Design.

Timur Si-Quin
Timur Si-Qin’s oeuvre not only creates a multilayered and open system with points of reference from nature, culture and media technology, at the same time, he breaks up the configurations thus created by subjecting them to permanent questioning. (Src: Fredericianum, Kassel).

Sucuk & Bratwurst
Sucuk & Bratwurst, co-founded by Alessandro Belliero, David Gönner, Denis & Lukas Olgac, is a Mainz based creative studio specialized in 3d design, art direction and graphic design.

VVC is a creative network with collaborators all over Europe.