Introducing the Study Circles
Performance | 5-8pm, 01 December, 2018
The transmediale and Study Circle cooperation partner Spektrum, and Import Projects invite you to explore central themes of the 2019 festival edition.

The evening offers an insight into working processes and the build-up to the 2019 transmediale festival. The approach, central themes and Study Circle networks titled Affective Infrastructures and Uneasy Alliances will be interpreted by Ewa Majewska and Maya Indira Ganesh. transmediale 2019 focuses on the role of emotions, empathy, and cultural emergence in digital culture. It aims to create an environment to generate experiences and knowledge beyond the set time frame of the public festival. The newly introduced transmediale Study Circles began their work already in October 2018 to allocate space for an in-depth exploration of the festival’s key questions and to generate outputs which frame and form a part of the core program. Uneasy Alliances aims to investigate how new forms of acting in solidarity can be built by connecting artistic, tech, and activist approaches, while the Study Circle Affective Infrastructures examines the role of affect-driven and affect-generating infrastructures in the formation of contemporary lived experience.

Considering the artistic manifestation of the central themes within the festival, the live performance Emotions from an Algorithmic Point of View by visual artist Coralie Vogelaar, choreographer Marjolein Vogels, and actress Marina Miller Dessau explores deconstructed facial expressions according to the Facial Action Coding System. This system forms the basis of contemporary emotion recognition software and demonstrates a computational approach to our emotions. Coralie systematically conducts studies revealing the mechanisms within our visual culture investigating optimisation tools like A/B testing, eye tracking measuring technologies and image recognition software.

The cooperation between transmediale and, Spektrum, and Import Projects is supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.