Johannes Förster & Nico Anklam on Liquidized Photographs After Images & The Holy Veronica
Talk | 15 November, 2012
...with the famous saying, “all things flow”, expressing one’s belief in the ever-present change in universe. Romanticism followed this positive interpretation with a substantial imagery of the Flowing. Yet at the end of the century, the spirit changed, with the Liquid being a potentially ambivalent topos that articulates an unsettling modern experience of physical, psychological, technological und perceptual processes. Given novel media and materials in the 20th century and today, these moments of crisis are reflected with an eye on the material, formal and semantic implications of the Liquid. The conference discusses the aesthetic and semantic dimensions of the topos since Romanticism, considering its impact on different scientific and artistic fields, and its changing historical interpretations.

Nico Anklam studied Art History and Cultural Sciences at London South Bank University, Humboldt University Berlin and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He is the recipient of a Minerva foundation research grant for Tel Aviv and was as a Fulbright scholar in the United States. He worked in Outreach and Education at Deutsche Guggenheim and TANAS – Space for Contemporary Turkish Art. Next to teaching European art in 20th century at Berlin Perspectives his research also includes conceptual art from South Africa.