Salon Beta: Overwhelmed / toomuchtooyoung
Dinner | 25 January, 2014
Too much, too young. Older and wiser. Overwhelmed. Under-standing. Stimulating. Young, dumb and full of cum. Nero fiddled. I can't get none. What overwhelms?
Anja Henckel, Anna Saulwick, Beny Wagner, Caitlin Berrigan, Clemens Jahn, Elvia Wilk, Helga Wretman, Felix, John Beeson, Klaus Mueller, Nadim Samman, Quinn Slobodian, Samara Chadwick, Sandra Teitge, Sophie Erlund, Steven, Tillman
Anja Henckel - Introduction of all guests
Samara Chadwick - Cochlear implants and a new/old drug for + brain plasticity:
Klaus Mueller - Travel compilation video
Nadim Samman - Digital pathology and the London riots. HAPPY SLAPPING!
Caitlin Berrigan - Worldwide anarchy in csv format: a chat between bradass87 and (12:15:11 PM)
Anna Saulwick - Reading: an email from a few months ago
Sophie Erlund - Sound piece
Quinn Slobodian - Neurasthenia (1830s) > a disease of the nerves not caused by war but by the technologies of modern life.
John Beeson - reading: Ars Poetica by Pablo Neruda + excepts from ‘Relative Distance’
Tillman - A survey
Elvia Wilk - Reading: Benedict Cumberbatch / Stephen Hawking
Sandra Teitge - a scene from MATERIAL (Thomas Heise 2009): ‘Die Internationale’ sung at Berlin Alexanderplatz, November 1989