La Mission & Knuckle Cartel: (performance / ART) 002: Common Revilings
Performance | 29+30 March, 2013
(performance/ART) 002: Common Revilings is an experimental theater/dance performance that is based on (performance/ART) 001: A non-Aristotelian Drama in Five Parts and La Mission’s second EP “The Good Ship”. The performance is an irrepressible testimony on collective and individual identity, the valid and necessary pursuit of Utopia, and the wonders and perils of the human condition. This work is a sonic, visual, and sensational milkshake that will, without a doubt, bring both the boys and the girls to the yard (thank you Kelis and The United Dairy Farmers of America). The performance will be introduced with a lecture from La Mission’s chief demagogue Dr. Luis-Manuel Garcia titled "Utopianism in Dance Music since Disco: A Very Short History".