Salon Beta: </SCRIPT>
Dinner | 07 December, 2013
The theme of this second dinner is </SCRIPT>, and each guest should come prepared with a max. 6 minute contribution on the chosen theme, in the form of a reading, an anecdote, a performance, a video, an image (USW).

When we think of SCRIPT (or </SCRIPT>, End of Script), be it in performance or online, we acknowledge an internal structure, a set of rules that inform the action and the limits of the possible. In our lives, the same is true: whether choosing cereal at Aldi, falling in love, or moving to a new country, a script is inherent. And though we might be testing its boundaries and transgressing its code, it exists like a musical score, like a rhythm, a colour palette, or a flavour even: something you just can’t fully escape. So we ask: how are scripts made, and how are they shared? What scripts are most present to you, which ones have you rejected, which ones have rejected you? How do these scripts trace our perception, our projection? Where do they ultimately lead us?
Aily Nash, Anja Henckel, Anna Saulwick, Beny Wagner, Hadley + Maxwell, Lucy O'Regan, Lucy Teitler, Michael Gatenby, Samara Chadwick, Sophie Bayerlein, William Davis, Wojchiech Kosma
Anna Saulwick - The Last Meal
Samara Chadwick - End of script
Wojchiech Kosma - Architectural design (waterslide)
Sophie Bayerlein - The Paleo diet
Michael Gatenby - The modern housecat
Lucy Teitler - Lecture: 'no matter when you start it's the right time to start and that time is now'
Will Davis - An academic orchestra in a church in Malmö
Beny Wagner - The abridged 'Germinal'
Anja Henckel - Hitler in India
Hadley + Maxwell - Bowie + Dietrich, re-scripted / the Knight Errant
" target="_blank"> Lucy O'Regan - New script
Aily Nash - `Excerpt from Sauve qui peut (la vie) / Every Man for Himself (Godard 1980)