Sinta Werner - The No Make Up Look
Performative Panel Discussion | 20:00, 11 November, 2017
Hannah Beck-Mannagetta, Andreas Koch, Christl Mudrak

Tobias Laukemper

Installation, staging: Sinta Werner

Part of the FACT ≠ TRUTH series organised by Anja Henckel/ Import Projects

Questions that are considered in this series of events include 'What parameters are used to identify truth and deception, and what factual modules can one create through them? What influence do these in turn have on the construction of truths?'


Sinta Werner explores the manipulation of perception in her work. Her elaborate illusionistic environments mislead and question conventional perspectives and representations. The superimposition of image motive and pictorial ground and the creation of new perceptual spaces are central topics in her work.

In THE NO MAKE UP LOOK, a discursive situation is transformed into a bitmap image. Themes of installation, such as the grid in art and reproduction, become the starting point of the discussion. An image analysis is performed while the people involved are part of the image they analyse. The work is both image and sculpture and has a temporal and performative dimension. Through the movements of the participants, the picture becomes an image of disruption for the duration of the discussion, which oscillates the view between image space and real space.

The title 'The No Make Up Look' is a quote from the movie Blow-Out by Brian de Palma. John Travolta plays a sound engineer talking to a young make-up artist about her job. She describes that her current make-up is very time consuming. He is surprised because he did not notice her make-up. The answer: This is the no-make-up look.

In the work of Sinta Werner, the 'picture' of the podium discussion overlays the actual situation. The principle of exaggeration corresponds to make-up. One paints eyes on the eyes, one paints clearer contoured lips on lips, one paints a face on a face. The installation almost doubles the situation with its own image. Here, a staging is created that merges the image space and the real space while at the same time staggers it, virtually exaggerating and at the same time tiling the image space. With her work she wants to ask, if not every picture is a make-up picture, every self-presentation of the world is a staging and every reception of reality is filtered through an epoch-specific sign system.

Hannah Beck-Mannagetta
(Freelance curator, author and project manager) conceives interdisciplinary exhibition projects and art mediation formats, i.a. at Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, wrote on constructive approaches of young artists in the post-digital age and recently on fact ≠ truth in the work of Bosse Sudenburg (Catalogue 35 Years Schroth Collection). She studied cultural management, art history and cultural studies in Potsdam and Berlin, during which she worked for Artspace, Sydney and the Vienna Secession. She was co-curator of the interdisciplinary project space FIELD, Berlin, co-director of Galerie Metro, Berlin, as well as co-founder and chairwoman of the non-profit association Jungemeister.

Andreas Koch
(Artist, book designer and publisher of the magazine 'vonhundert') operates in his artistic work in the field of tension between shifts, cross-fades and scale-displacement and permeates and questions the visual presence of reality in a surprising way. Andreas Koch taught at numerous institutions such as the Udk Berlin, the KHB Weissensee, Hfbk Dresden or Goldrausch.

Christl Mudrak
(Artist) examines in her artistic work how spaces influence the viewer physically and psychologically. It creates expansive, painterly works that test the capacity of the viewer's perception. In 2016 she completed her dissertation on "Psycho Spaces: Dissolution of Space in the Medium of Painting".

Tobias Laukemper
(Freelance Photo editor and project manager) works for artists and cultural platforms, among others. for the magazines GEO and Cicero, the New School for Photography, Katharina Grosse and the Julia Stoschek Collection. He also curates his own series of events - the Fototreff Berlin, where relevant figures from the local and international photography scene are presented, and artistic and documentary works are presented and discussed.