Skizo Mails by Franco Berardi Bifo
Book Launch | 17 March, 2013
Skizo-Mails is a diary of the daily abyss. It is composed by messages which lead the author – the traveller – to understand the spasm inflicted by the dizzy motion of the vortex, and to face the speed of a frantic dynamic of the apocalypse – or better –Hypocalipse as he writes: revelation from below. The below decomposes / recomposes itself in the flow of cognitive capitalism – where the crisis is structurally linked to a possible evolution of techno-mental ecology. Skizo-mails is a chronology of the current state of infoxication, which aims to keep track of the fragments towards a poetical reactivation of the social body. After exactly one year from the book last entry – Bifo will present to the Berlin audience a performance that will focus on what happened in the meanwhile – and what is happening right now. The drift emerged in the recent Italian elections – and specifically the call for insolvency – will have European consequences: the financial apparatus supremacy is no more operative. The notion of debt has a mere linguistic function and therefore it could be reversed due to a new act of language: oral transmissions and visual poetry are the core gestures of the Hypocaliptic Book Launch @ Import Projects.

Skizo-Mails by Franco Berardi Bifo is the first publication of Doormats, edited by Riccardo Benassi and Brandon LaBelle for Errant Bodies Press. Focusing on contemporary issues, events, and discourses, Doormats is a series of publications aimed at contributing to the now, talking about issues that are present and that demand presence. The Hypocaliptic Book Launch @ Import Projects will be introduced by Riccardo Benassi.